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Half of the world’s population owns a mobile device. What if we put these phones to work? What if we use these phones to fight for our causes? What if these devices could save a life? Just.Live is the first and only mobile app fighting for injustices all over the world. Our stories, our voices, and our experiences are scattered. Our app was designed to put all of our experiences in one place. Together we can give those without a voice a fighting chance. Our App is a beacon of hope that one day everyone’s story can be told. United we stand, divided we fall.

Live Streaming Justice.

What is Just.Live?

A live streaming app designed to keep you safe and connected to your community. Stream your situation live and have the world be your guardian.

Live stream any event relating to police, safety, opinion and more
Learn your rights within the app
View streams from within your community, or around the world
Take part in discussion with the in-stream chat
Follow influential streamers and be notified when they go live

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